I'm LyDasia Grate CEO & Founder of Nofilfilskincare. My whole life I literally had a baby face. No acne, no blemishes or dry skin I mean nothing! Back in 2016 I had woke up one morning & had these two lumps on my face. Hives I soon realize, Ive never seen them so I was so scared & nervous I wanted them off! Anxiously wanting my face to go back to normal, I took matters into my own hands and gave myself a chemical burn.  I used bleach and a Q-tip. Yes you heard me, bleach!  As a result, I ended up with dark marks as you can see in the picture. When I say I tried everything I tried creams, serums, and natural remedies. Nothing worked! I began researching and experimenting to come up with the best natural line on the market.  No one knows your skin better than you and I wanted my customers to see immediate results. I got my glow back!
Let me help you get yours & come join #GlowGang✨
Hopefully my story will help you.